About Us

Comtest was originally a part of Telecom Australia from the early 1980’s until 1997 when the telecommunications laboratory was privatised. Since 1997 Comtest, under the guidance of our two current Directors, has grown into a leader in the Australian and New Zealand telecommunications and electrical compliance testing and certification fields.

Comtest Group continues to develop cooperation with international compliance and test laboratories to also assist our clients when entering the world markets. Comtest has recently opened an office within our partner's complex in Shenzhen China and will open further offices around the world. We are fast becoming truly global.

Our clients range from single individuals to the largest companies on the planet.

Our Team

Peter Dwyer

Peter Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer

Peter is an experienced operations and business management executive who has been involved with the energy, products and certification industries for over 35 years. He is responsible for overseeing the entire operations of the Comtest Group.

Robert Norris

Robert Norris, General Manager

Robert has been involved in the telecommunications and electrical testing industry for more than 35 years. He has held various positions within the company and is currently our General Manager, in charge of laboratory services.

Greg Caspar

Greg Caspar, Director

Greg has been involved with the telecommunications industry since 1970, commencing with PMG/Telecom Research Laboratories and then moving to quality assurance and services within Telecom Australia. Greg plays a non-executive role in setting the strategy and direction of the business.

Peter Arms

Peter Arms, Director

Peter has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years, starting with PMG/Telecom in the Line Transmission Equipment Design section. As a non-executive Director, Peter provides direction and insight into the technical operations of the business.